For those who know me since my childhood. You know that I am a very passionate person. I tend to follow my dreams and… obsess over a few things. It’s how I keep myself focussed. Fangirlism forged my personality.

I’ve always been inspired by comedy. I think laughter is the most beautiful thing and anybody who has the capacity to make people laugh has all my respect.

I also have professional crushes. I could basically resume that as falling in love with someone’s career.

Oh sure I did have plenty of purely hormonal crushes on celebrities. I’ve been dreaming of marrying a couple ones… But those that I tend to remember the most are the ones with the most admirable careers.

I had love for local Quebecer comedians, Rock et Belles Oreilles, Patrick Groulx when I was a teen. Then I discovered American and British Humour. I became obsessed with Conan O’Brien, The Simpsons, SNL, The Office UK. I was dreaming (still am) of meeting Trey Parker and Matt Stone. These guys!! I mean!! COME ON!! They’re living legends!!

Sometimes I fall for less famous people. Some with incredible careers as sidekicks, writers… the underdogs of comedy. The ones that are less known for their work but are incredibly necessary to the success of a project. I think of Phil Hartman for example… The guy was called “The Glue” when he was on SNL. He was such a great talent… and I wanted to follow his path (half of it is done.. He used to be a Graphic Designer/Illustrator like me ^^)

But today I’m not talking about my undying love for Phil Hartman… Instead I’m gonna present you my recent flame, Bob Odenkirk.

My boyfriend introduced me to my “current love” (I should use even more ambiguous terms)

We were binge watching Breaking Bad together. We were on season two and about to start the Better Call Saul episode.

David said: You’re gonna love Saul!



My first reaction was “this guy is basically Lionel Hutz in the flesh”. I liked Saul Goodman so much. He was basically anything I want from a lawyer in a tv series. I like them sleazy, but with a good heart. Funny but serious at the same time. Saul is in my SOUL!! The kind of character I would love to play at any cost.

So… Saul…. Saul brought me to Bob… I tend to be curious. When I like something, I want to become a living encyclopedia on the subject. I have not reached that level yet… This crush is fairly new to me. BUT IT IS SO VIVID!

The guy wrote for Conan (only 17 episodes though) and SNL (a lot more), the two things I couldn’t stop watching! I think I actually see him more like a writer than an actor or comedian. Probably because that’s what I am looking for in a mentor.

One thing is sure… With all the Mr. Show, Fargo, Birthday Boys, Tim and Eric I’m watching right now… I want to meet Bob someday.

I wish I could improve my skills… Or work with someone who can write. I… kinda dream of making a comic with him… I dunno… My strength is more in the visual comedy, short gags, than building story… for now… He has a lot of experience in scenario and storytelling by himself, and with David Cross… And he’s already getting a book released in October (and I just preordered it). So he already knows the book business!!! Anyhoo… I’m just throwing things out there… If by any case he’s interested in publishing a Graphic Novel… We could make it happen!

I like to daydream about professional associations. I like to think I could achieve such a thing.

Bob, if you read me. I love your work. I love how absurd your comedy is but how smart it can be at the same time. You are inspiring me to carry on… by looking at all those projects you are already producing. I admire your writing. I admire your directing. I admire your sense of humour. I admire your moustache in Fargo…

So if you ever hear about me one day. You will know that I already have a big “professional crush” (quotations to avoid any freak out) on you and it would be a pleasure to learn from a master of the funnies.

I love you Bob Odenkirk <3